Saturday, May 07, 2011

Good Morning Lake Arthur

Osprey over Lake Arthur 5-7-11

We met the Zombeck’s at Lake Arthur this morning.  Osprey over Lake Arthur 5-7-115

We spotted this Osprey over the water.  Wish I could have captured a better shot of him.  He would occasionally hover, searching for his next meal.  Very neat!

Zombecks Fishing - Bear Run - Lake Arthur - 5-7-11

The Zombecks enjoying the peace and CHILL of the morning.

J.J. caught this Catfish.  25"   8.4#  5-7-11

I caught my very first catfish and it was a pretty NICE one!  They kitty was 25 inches long and weighed 8.4 pounds.  WOW!  That was FUN!!!!

Keith Reeling in a catfish - Lake Aurthur - 5-7-11

Keith reeled in a catfish too…

Keith's catfish 19"   5.9#   5-7-11  Lake Arthur

Here it is… 19 inches long and 5.9 pounds.  Awesome!

John's catfish - Lake Arthur - 5-7-11

Of course… John caught one too.  Amanda did NOT. 


When fishing was over we hit a geocache near the bike trails to drop off a travel bug we named Carpe Carp Diem.  (Sieze the Carp of the Day)  We cannot wait to see where it ends up! 


The horses are fed and spoiled taboot.  Laundry is washing.  The tv is on anticipating the Derby.  Keith is settling in for his nap.  I have coupons to clip and errands to run.  This day feels much too rushed, but I sure am enjoying it!   

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