Monday, June 20, 2011



Had an AWESOME hike last night with Tammi.  The North Country Trail should know us well by now; although, we rarely hit the same portion more than once.  I love this trail.  It’s very well kept and fairly easy to travel. 


We hoofed it for a flat 2 hours and covered a good 4.62 miles as per the GPS.  This was an evening hike, so it was a race against the clock.  Of course we always dilly-dally on the way.  We gawk at things in the woods and water.  There was a blue heron hunting his dinner.  I wonder if he caught anything.  We admired the dam and spillway and took note of fishermen along the way. 


The turn-around point at about 7:30PM was under the 422 Bridge, where the trail actually travels UNDER it.  That’s neat!  We saw some bats flitting around down there.  It’s always an adventure.  I cannot wait to go again!!!  Hiking makes me feel SO GOOD!  I cannot wait for vacation to start so I can hike some more.  Smile

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