Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vacation: Day #1

Today started with devotions early in the morning.  Thanking the Lord for such a gorgeous day and for providing some respite from our jobs.


We arrived in downtown Pittsburgh late morning.  We enjoyed the weather, the waterfall, and the river view.  IMG00496-20110626-1122

I really need some SUN on those legs!!!


We saw the Pirates vs. Red Sox at PNC Park.  Great game, even if they lost.  Keith scored several autographs.  (not surprising)  IMG00498-20110626-1226IMG00499-20110626-1226

Keith had enough gift cards to almost pay for a Neil Walker jersey.  He had to pay $15 out of pocket.  SAWEET!  IMG00502-20110626-1721

This game and the jersey were on his list of “want really bad’s” this year so it made me feel really good to see it happen.  He also got to see one of his favorite Red Sox players hit a homer into the river… thankfully via the foul line. 



We rounded out the day enjoying dinner with the Zom’s.  Not bad for day #1 of our vacation. 

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