Saturday, July 09, 2011



My reliable little Corolla rolled past 100000 miles this past week.  Wow!  It’s been a good car.  The most we’ve had to put into it has been tires, brakes, and oil changes… with the exception of the deductible I paid when the tree branch fell in front of me a couple years back.  The air conditioning died a little more than a year ago.  We had it recharged with dye last week when we took it in for inspection.  That lasted a whopping THREE days.  UGH!  Keith is taking it in next week to be re-assessed.  Nothing like a little summer heat for an hour long commute to get you thinking about trading it in on a new car.  We both agree… we’d rather save save save with hopes to buy a house someday.  Toyotas have longevity.  We hope to squeeze a good many more miles out of it. 

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