Saturday, July 09, 2011

Solo Hike Today

Keith doesn’t like me to go out hiking alone.  On days like today the urge was just too much… I HAD to do it!  On the rare occasion when I do set out alone, I try to stay on trails that I’m sure are fairly well traveled. 



North Park was bustling with people today, mostly in the picnic areas.  I started out on the red-dot trail UPHILL.  I spooked Jake-the-Snake as I crossed the creek.  YIKES!  He was brown with darker brown markings on his back and about 2 feet long.  This is when I decided that it would be a good idea to wear my bear-bell when I hike.  Unfortunately, it’s clipped onto my saddle and an hour away.   So I clipped my keys on my hip so they’d jingle just loud enough to disturb the wildlife that may be lurking in my path.


After passing the point where we turned around last week, I hoofed it a good long ways past the spot.  I hit the red/green dot on the way uphill.  Note to self:  red/green dot uphill is a killer.  A pep-talk may be in order before doing it again. 




After finding my way much further on the red dot, I eventually turned around and tried the red/yellow dot, which is where I happened upon this cute little bridge.  The sun was hot but most of the trail in under the cover of the trees, so it wasn’t too bad.  I eventually ended up back on the red dot trail headed back towards home-base.




On the way back I picked up the red/black dot trail along the upper ridge.  I found some sort of stone structure up there.  Another note to self:  Must go back with Keith and check that out.  Great spot to hide a cache if there isn’t one already. 



Eventually I found myself on the Rachel Carson Trail and actually ended the hike near this sign which is just about where I crossed back over the creek… no snake this time.   All in all, it was about 4.5 miles, maybe slightly longer.  YAY!!!

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