Friday, July 01, 2011

Vacation Day #4 Fishing & Relaxing

On Wednesday, we slept in a little bit.  We had big plans to hike our hearts out, but as it goes we had a late start and then ended up making alternative plans to be lazy. 

1) we picked up my car, newly inspected, air-conditioning working.  (I hope it stays that way)

2) we shopped for a new GPS unit, a step up from the old one.  So anyone wanting to borrow the old one is welcome to do so.  I know several people who would like to borrow it, so don’t sit on it for long… share share share!

3) we hit a small fishing spot at Moraine near where we dropped our travel bug for geocaching.  Unfortunately, it is gone and nobody has claimed it.  Boo hoo!  Keith caught a blue-killer while I sat and read the manual for the new GPS.  Look how beautiful the day was!!!


4) we went to the barn and did the chores.  Drat!  We forgot long pants to go riding.  So bummed! 

5) we went fishing at the Oneida Valley Reservoir, along the back side.  I caught several blue-killers and a bass.  We saw some big ones jumping as the sun went down behind the trees.  Awesome!!!  Didn’t realize there were big fish in that pond!  We also spotted what we thought were an enormous line of tadpoles, but upon closer inspection, decided they were catfish-minnows!  Very cool!!! 


6) wrapped up the evening by planning a day-trip for Day #5.

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