Friday, July 01, 2011

Vacation Day #3: In Search of the Elusive Water Horse

I was reading in one of those cheesy brochures that you get at rest-stops about what fantastic attractions one might find in the area we were headed.  I found a HIPPOPATOMUS!!!!  About an hour from Sandusky is the Toledo Zoo.  Sign-me-up!!!  Both Amanda and I have a draw to such creatures… an awe for them!  The rest of the zoo was just a bonus.   I think it’s really cool that they have webcams set up for some of their exhibits.  I’m a little disappointed that the Hippoquarium is under construction.  We only got to see them inside… still really cool though. The Zom’s have much better photos than us.


Other favorite attractions was the polar bears, the aquarium, and having our caricature done.



Day #3 was a LONG hot day, but still very enjoyable!

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