Saturday, July 02, 2011

Vacation Day #7: Loner But Not for Long

Today started bright and EARLY!!!  I went to the Farmer’s Market to help put up orders for Kennedy’s.  As always, it was refreshing to return to see old customers and friends.  It was a very busy and tiring morning.


I visited with Keith for a bit.  Took a nap.  Gave the kitties some attention.  Clipped my coupons.  Made the shopping list.  Clipped some internet coupons.  Did almost all the laundry.  Now I’m effectively putting off going to the store.  I just don’t feel like shopping today, but I must.  I’d like to hike, but have yet to find someone who wants to go with me.  Bummer.


Plans for tomorrow include attending church, putting my fruit-kabobs together, and heading to the Zom’s for a picnic birthday celebration for Joyce and David’s birthdays.  I already have something for Joyce.  I’m thinking of giving David cash this year.  That’s what I’m doing for Wendy’s kids.  

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