Thursday, October 06, 2011

Random Morning Thoughts

  • Good morning Lord.  Thank you for a new day, a new chance to bring you glory, a fresh start.  Ahhh… it’s refreshing.
  • Mmmm… boy this coffee tastes good.  It’s probably the cream that makes it taste so good.  I tried changing to soy cream or non-fat cream.  It just doesn’t cut it.  I love real cream!
  • Looks like the next few days we are expecting superb weather.  Yay!  I hope I can get out to enjoy some of it. 
  • I enjoyed giggling with Keith last night.  He got home late, but it seems that we both had stories of silly things from yesterday’s work.  Thank goodness for some lighter moments.
  • Our kitties are ultra-lovey in the morning.  I know it’s just because they are hungry, but I like it.  My Lovey-Kitler is perched beside me.  She loves me most of the time and usually more than the others.  She is SO soft and cuddly. 
  • It’s still dark out.  It seems much earlier than it is. 
  • BRRRRRRR… I love fall, but not the cold mornings.  I don’t like to get out from under the warm covers.  (wonder what got me out early today)
  • I have a TON of coupons clipped, but haven’t used them this week.  What am I waiting for?

  • I’m sad that my friends precious doggy has cancer.  She’s always such a happy dog.  In that regard, not looking forward to the weeks to come.  Sad smile

  • I am an active witness to the change of the season happening right before our eyes.  I long the fact that I’m missing much of it because I’m working behind closed doors most of the day.  It’s in progress though.  The vibrant colors are here, more and more every day.  It’s awesome.

  • I wonder how much laundry I need to do.

  • I miss my friend Ed and his cows.  It’s hard to believe he’s been gone for 11 years now. 

  • I’m having dinner with an old friend this evening, my former boss.  I look forward to catching up with her and to having tacos for dinner!

  • Keith is sound asleep.  God bless his precious heart. 

  • My friend and her husband recently decided to pursue adoption.  What a wonderful thing! 

From the looks of this, I have entirely too much on my mind for a simple morning.  Hmmm…

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