Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Adventures… 2012


The New Years Day hike was cancelled, partly due to in climate weather (rain) and party because both myself and my Pal were feeling slightly under the weather.  But, alas, today we made up for it!  Yay!  2012 will surely bring many many new adventures, many of which will be on foot.  (some will be via horseback too)  We set out on the North Country Trail at Moraine State Park.  It was brisk and windy, but pleasant in the cover of the trees.  The mud was a slight challenge, but did not deter us.  We hiked out under the 422 bridge.  Very cool picture, don’t you think?!


Two miles past the bridge we hit road.  The trail crosses over Interstate 79 and continues west, eventually crossing route 19.  We turned back at the 4 mile mark, just shy of route 19.  Road walking is less interesting.  I much prefer the soft floor of pine needles.  There was a way to shorten the trip, but we chose to backtrack the entire route.  All said and done, we walked ALMOST 8 miles, 7.8 miles to be exact.  By that time my Pal had a blister from an ill fitting sock and the bottoms of my feet were beginning to feel less cushioned in my hiking boots.  When I changed back to my tennis shoes, I noticed that I’ve walked a hole right into my sock.  Grrrr!!!  These socks are NOT that old!  I feel pretty good now, despite a small blister on the pad of one of my tiny toes.  Ouch! 


I’m so excited to log my hiking miles this year!  We are off to a good start!  Here’s to adventurous hikes in 2012!!! 

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