Saturday, January 21, 2012

Welcome Snow!

It finally snowed… a good 6 inches!!!!  Yay!!!


I shoveled my little heart out today.  I like to shovel.  That’s nothing new.  I shoved the walkway, the porch, a path around the house, and the parking area.  I also shoveled a third of the driveway we share with all the neighbors.  It’s good exercise.  I shall not complain.  The fact that it was cold and sunny, but not windy was a blessing.



Here are my new snowshoes!  Oh ya!  I finally got to try them out.  Now I need to find some matching attire to go with them. 


I learned that my usual hiking boots are not the best option.  My feet eventually got wet.  They ended up rubbing and I got a blister.  Oh well… live and learn.  Next time I shall wear my leather boots. 



There were 4 of us today.  Tammi, Jill, & Jordan were with me.  Love this classic shot of all our feet at the end of a hike.  I didn’t set my Runkeeper correctly, so our mileage was all fussed up.  I’m recording 4.5 miles for today. 

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