Sunday, April 29, 2012

Few More with Maizy

April 10, 2012
2.10 miles with Janet & Maizy.
Ticks are especially bad right now.  We stuck to the road.  Shearer Road, crossed over Center Drive, and North Butler Church Road to the church, then back.  Maizy is getting strong and needs to learn to heal. 

I've been SO busy that I have failed to keep up the last couple of weeks.  Ack!  There was a day when I forgot to turn Runkeeper on and another day I had another kind of exercise... getting rocks!  Janet is building a hillside covered with rocks, creek rocks.  We've made countless trips to the creek for loads of rocks.  It's good exercise and seeing the progress on the hill by the barn makes it totally worth it.  I was at 7 Springs this past week.  There are huge hills there, duh, for skiing.  There is not enough snow for skiing now, but boy did I want to hike the mountain.  If we wouldn't have been so busy in the conference, or if Keith wouldn't have been in such a hurry to get home... I might have climbed it.  Oh well... another time. 

April 27, 2012
2.01 miles with Janet & Maizy.
Chilly, breezy, but sunny makes it pleasant.  Too breezy to go for a ride on Penny.  Wind makes her crazy!  Maizy has a new collar with grippy teeth.  She behaves nicely in it.  She's SO happy to go for a walk and even more so happy to run circles in the yard afterwards.  What a cute puppy!  I need to get a more recent picture of her.  She's growing so fast!

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Who does Maizy belong to??