Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's Brown and it's Soft to the Touch

It's NOT a new pet, although having a new pet would NOT be out of the question.... if you ask me.  Just saying.  It's our new sofa!!!!  It's plush yet firm and oh so inviting!  The best part is that it is an electric recliner!  We wanted a reclining sofa.  I always had a hard time kicking the foot rest back down.  What am I weak or something?  Seriously?  I'm a hiker and I ride horses.  I should have SOME leg muscles!  Regardless, the minute I discovered it was electric I sunk into it and with a sigh said "This is the one!"

Mom was gracious enough to spend a quiet day at our home waiting for the delivery.  She apparently enjoyed the kitty-sitting opportunity as well.  Lovey found her to be quite attractive.  She spent the majority of the day lounging on Mom.  Too cute.  To say she's a "lap-cat" is kind of an understatement.  Thank you Mom... for your time and your attention to Lovey.  I hope that when you finally experience her alter-ego that it is from a distance.  :)

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