Saturday, February 02, 2013

February 2013

It's a new month.  We are finally feeling settled in our new home and surroundings.  We are over the hump of emptying boxes to find basic essentials.  Don't get me wrong, there are MANY boxes left to unload, but seemingly not the essential items.  I've been thinking a lot about downsizing lately, simplifying.  I told Keith I was going to send a set of dishes to Goodwill.  He acted insulted because he had bought them for me for Christmas a couple years ago.  I like the dishes, but it's not like they were expensive china dishes.  They were a Walmart find that went well in our former dining room.  Really?  I have to store them just because they were a gift?  Ack!  I like constant change.  I like to change dishes every now and then.  The cool thing is that the dishes we were gifted for our wedding are actually kind of matchy matchy with the new place.  I'm resurrecting them.  I can see their significance... wedding gift.  That's different.  Right or wrong?

I love new beginnings.  I shall make some goals for this very fresh month of February:
  • Get back to clipping coupons!  Check!  Did that and used some today!  Best finds include deodorant for 98 cents, free microwavable campbells chicken noodle soup, free chapstick, Oikos yogurts for 62 cents, full size Digiorno pizzas for $3, 100 count box of Kleenex for 49 cents, Rotel 48 cents/can, and Sargento shredded cheese $2 each.  Ok so maybe I could have found better deals or more deals, but this is just a start. 

  • Make a weekly meal plan and post it on the fridge!  I pass by the local Farmers Market every evening on my way home from work.  There is no excuse for buying grocery store meat and vegetables anymore.  I'd rather support the local farmers when I can.  Plus... FRESH MEAT!!! 

These two things should help with the budget.  We are finally able to iron out a family budget, having now paid our very second mortgage payment ever.  Yay!

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