Sunday, March 31, 2013


This is our newest toy.  We had set some money aside for a small tractor.  Rene'e found this one for us on Craigslist.  We went to see it with her Dad immediately.  He said it was one of the best ones he's seen.  He actually wanted to get it for himself!  We arranged to pick it up the next day.  When we left that night her Dad said it was worth twice what he was asking for it... without the mower!  What a deal! 

So the following day, despite the freezing rain, Paul helped us pick it up!  We are just tickled with it!  It's a 1965 International Lowboy Cub.  I told Keith to hurry up and name it before I come up with something like "Little Bird" or whatever.  He calls it "Cubbie."  Smart man. 

Paul II loaded it for us and Paul III helped chain it to the trailer.

Cubbie has arrived at it's new home!!!

Keith unloaded his new baby. 

I took it for a spin to show all the barn-raisers.  I love it!!

Cubbie lives in the barn... out of the weather.

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