Sunday, March 31, 2013

More Barn Raising

Keith, Lee, and Chuck dug holes and now they are sinking the poles for the addition on the back of the barn.

Paul III carried a  bunch of those 80 pound bags of concrete.  Lee is marking where to hang the header.  I love those ladders.  They are Rene'e's.   

Keith and I nailing on the brackets that will hold the rafters! 

Keith, Chuck, Paul III, and Lee hard at work. 

Keith sunk the lag bolts holding the header up. 

Chuck made sure it was level and Paul tamped the fill around the pole.

How about that!?  It's coming together!  Lee and Chuck and Jill watch as Paul III and Keith secure an end piece. 
There will be 3 stalls across the back with dutch doors on each.  There will be an overhang over the doors.  It's going to be so cute!!!  This will surely add significant value to our property as well.

Paul III holds a piece for Lee as he drills pilot holes. 

See how hard that kid works!  He's a gem!  So are Lee and Chuck.  I would be lost on this project without them. 

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