Sunday, March 31, 2013

We Have A Dog!

Meet Missy!  She's part beagle part lab and about 8-ish years old.  She belonged to a  young lady who works at the Hospital.  She had to move quickly and her new place did not allow dogs.  She brought her here with food, bed, and treats.  She stayed for a while with her and left in tears.  So sad.  What a horrible thing to endure.  I have been in touch with her and assure her that Missy is well and happy and that she can visit anytime.   

Wizzy... classic black cat stance... He does not think this is funny.

This is at least a week later.  The Zom's gave us a toy for her and she LOVES it!!!  The kitties are getting closer and are curious about the new squeaky toy too.

One of our barn-raising days was sunny.  She's supervising the activity.

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