Friday, May 18, 2007


I woke up with a splitting headache this morning. I do not feel rested. Lately I have been having strange dreams that are so vivid. I don't think I like that. Although one night I dreamed that Keith and I were parachuting and the next day I informed him "Last night we were parachuting in my dreams and I want to do it again tonight. I liked it." Alas that silly pleasure did not return. What else am I dreaming?

- I dreamed that I was taking my ex-coworkers 3 little kids for a trip or something. I was holding one on my lap feeding him a bottle (or maybe it was a sippy cup) of Coke, all the while thinking to myself... I'll fix her wagon. I'm gonna load them up with sugar and caffiene and send them home. *This was a crazy dream. That lady doesn't even have 3 kids!!

- I dreamed that Amanda and I were walking along and there were poisonous snakes. I'd pick them up by the tail and toss them aside and they would slither back. I'd take a shovel and slam it down on one and it would become multiple baby snakes. The funny thing is that I was not afraid of them. I just didn't like them. *I read the last chapter of Acts this week for Bible Study and there was a part where a viper wrapped itself around Paul's arm. He shook it off and was unharmed. This was definitely a topic of discussion in our study, noting that there may be some significant symbolism in this passage. None the less - I think that this is the source of this dream.

- A couple weeks ago I was dreaming about spider. YUK! I must have been restless because Keith woke me up and when he touched my arm, I jumped because I thought one was biting me. YIKES! What the heck?!! What makes a person dream such nonsense?!

Does anything particularly make you dream? I have noticed that if I watch crime shows before bed, I will dream about them. I don't like that. I love those shows, just not before bed. I never used to remember my dreams. Or maybe a lot of times I didn't have any? I don't know, but some days I wish I could remember if I do. Needless to say, this week has been a vivid week for me... after hours at least. Now I'm just wishing I could get some quality rest!

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