Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not Lost and Not Forgotten

I guess I've been rather out of the loop lately, but I've been around. I just haven't had anything profound to say and haven't felt much like typing. I know anytime I get stuck with nothing to say, I can always do a memoir post... but like I said, tired of typing.

Before I go any further... have you found any good blog contests or giveaways lately? I really am going to have one someday. I'm still trying to decide exactly what the point of it will be. Got any good ideas? While I'm on the topic, check out The Hostess With The Mostest. This blog is having a week long showcase of really cool stationary and a ton of giveaways that you can catch a chance on. I LOVE stationary because I love to write snail mail and get snail mail... so I'm taking my chances on every one of them!!! I entered a "Name The Calf" contest at Down On The Farm, but sorry I think you are too late. The results are to be posted today. I checked back this morning. Funny... I made the first attempt and out of about 30 people, there were several who commented that they liked the name I picked. We shall see... for those persons are not the judge.

What else is happening?

Ummm... back to the grind and just finished one of those stressful meetings at work. Now it's rest for a day or two and then start the next cycle, which by the way is already started. UGH.

Keith is in Pittsburgh this morning for the District Meeting where he will be showcasing his new coffee blend for competition. He wrote this really eloquent description of it. I can't wait to hear the results later this morning. I'm sure we will eventually be doing a post about it on his blog so I won't give away the details of it just yet...

Election day was yesterday. I voted. I don't so much care for living in this county. My work and most of my friends and family are in the next county so that is where my heart is. Maybe someday??

I did a lot of laundry this week and a little bit of cooking and baking. Keith has a sweet tooth so I made him a cake.

Ok well... off to start my day then. I've got Girls Group tonight and a date with my hubby to go to the gym.

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