Saturday, March 01, 2008

Average $10 - $15 Per Week

I visit Rite Aid almost every week. My average expense is about $10 - $15 out of pocket. I use sales and coupons to get the best deals. Here is what I got this week with regular price noted:

2 tubes of Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.99 each
8 bars of Zest soap $5.99
1 bottle of Olay body wash $5.29
3 packs of gum $1.19 each

Total that: $20.83

How much did I pay? A whopping $7.09!!!! If you average it per item, it adds up to about 50 cents per item! HA!!!

He he he... coupons + sales + I had a $5 gift certificate that I earned a month or so ago. Wha-hoo!!!

Okay... My handy-hubby is going to crack if I buy any more soap or toothpaste! We currently have 6 tubes of toothpaste + 2 tubes that are in use AND almost 20 bars of soap in our cupboard! I can't help it. When those things are SO CHEAP, I must stock-pile. Besides... as my sister Wendy mentioned, these will be handy when the church sends their college & military shoeboxes. So it's all good.

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