Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesdays With Jen -- My Memoirs

How I Met My Hubby - Part II

The picture is me... right about the time we met. (I was way cuter back then!)

It was a Friday morning. I packed my things. I went to work to pick up my paycheck. I wasn't feeling well, but figured I'd eventually snap out of it. I was having pain in my back. That was odd. Eventually I tossed my things in the truck, grabbed a large bottle of water, my directions and began the trip to Cincinatti to meet the man that I had befriended online.

It was a really long trip. Over FIVE hours! Ok so five hours is really not THAT long, but to a young lady traveling that far ALONE for the first time... it was L-O-N-G! He informed me that after I passed through Columbus Ohio that I would be over half way. So I stopped just past Columbus to call him from a pay-phone. He was delighted to hear that I was still coming. We made arrangements regarding where exactly to meet. He informed me that when I get into Cincinatti that I would need to cross the big yellow bridge and get off onto Route 8 and meet him at a place called "The Party Source." I hit the road again. It was a warm, sunny, summer day. I had the windows down and my long blonde hair was blowing in the wind.

As I became closer and closer to the city, there were more and more traffic lanes. At one point there were FIVE lanes on either side! YIKES. People were buzzing in and out of traffic. I'm sure my blood pressure was up. I was anything but a city driver. I was relieved to notice the big yellow bridge with the sign reading "Welcome to Kentucky" yet at the same time I was very nervous.

Interestingly, K's dad lives about 2 miles from Route 8... My dad does too, just in another state!

So I pulled into The Party Source and there he was... waiting for me... leaning on his little blue Geo. We hugged. He asked me about how the trip went and introduced me to his best gal-friend Kelly. Moments later I was following him to his Dad's house about a mile and a half away.

Up up up the hill we went. His Dad lived on a hill overlooking the city of Cincinatti. It was a quaint neighborhood. The house was very nice. It had a very neatly groomed front yard, an concrete driveway, a backyard that had a backdrop of trees. The house was emaculately decorated. There was a garage, living room, formal dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, three bedrooms and a den, two and a half baths, a full basement, and a deck out back. I was shown to the guest room where I would be staying. I got settled in and acquainted with Keith and Kelly.

Keith had plans for us that evening. We were going to see his sister's band's concert that night. I would meet his family and friends. After a full afternoon of chatting, I took a nap as it had been a REALLY long day. When I woke up hours later, it was dark out, but the night was still young. I could hear him outside on the deck talking to some of his friends. He was telling them about me and how cool I was and said something like "wait till you see how pretty she is." Moments later he was knocking on the door, waking me up, and asking me to come meet his friends. Which I did.

Later that evening I met his Mom at the concert. We only caught the very end of the concert. It was an outdoor picnic type thing. We had eaten at a local restaurant... nothing fancy.

That's basically my recollection of my first day in K's presence. There is more... What happens the next day? Hmmm... Let's just say... I was not the most lovable date!
How I Met My Hubby - Part I?


Kimmers said...

Hey I know where that party store is. Great story so far...I can't wait for more.

Jane said...

re. your comment, " I was cuter back then." You grow lovelier every time I see you.

Aunt Jane

Marci said...

Great story. You came right through Columbus. You were really close to me (if I had moved back anyway - what year?)

Jthemilker said...

Thanks A.Jane. You are too kind.

1998 I think.