Saturday, January 16, 2010

Foto Friday- SNOW



This week’s theme was “Snow.”  While the above pictures are recent, they are not from this week.  The photos below are Keith’s creativity at work… Snow.




Foto Friday is hosted by Rebecca over at Renaissance.  Join us if you dare!!!  Thanks Rebecca! 


Bonnie said...

That first shot is lovely, and the tv "snow" was hilariously clever!

Jemit said...

Boy you had me believing that snow on tv.. very well done.

Rebecca said...

love the interpretation of snow on the tele. Very clever!

PS. Totally unrelated: your Penny is beautiful. BEAUtiful!

Jthemilker said...

Thanks for the compliments.
Jen :)

Cochran Clan News said...

Ooo the first pic is beautiful and you totally fooled me on the first TV "snow" I thought it was a pic of a blizzard from the window. That was clever!