Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thankful Thursday



This morning I am especially thankful for my loving husband who has been caring for me especially well since I injured my arm a week and a half ago.  What would I do without him?  He’s been gracious to me and I appreciate it.  He plans to be home today and expects a Honey-Do list and hasn’t grumbled about it.  Bless his heart.


I’m thankful for our new laptop computer.  It’s so convenient.  We take it from room to room in our home.  We probably spend WAY too much time playing dumb face book games, but we also use it for work-related things.  I’m also thankful that we can pick up free wireless service in our area.  It’s saving us at least $50 per month in internet fees.  While it would be convenient to have the secure connection, we have discussed the option and agree to pinch those pennies… because we can!


I’m thankful that we are both gainfully employed.  I’m thankful for having two decent vehicles, one of which is efficient AND paid for.  I’m delighted to have the truck and to be able to use it whenever I need.  What a blessing it has been in so many ways.


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jo.attalife said...

You are abundantly blessed and it's all made sweeter by your thankful heart. Your post makes me look around me and see the many things I should be thankful for. Thanks.
Sharing mine with you.

Denise said...

Blessings to you and your husband.

Lynn said...

Hi Jenny,

I just read your post about Penny. A gift from God to be sure. She is beautiful. I love Palominos.

I also loved the words and praises you gave to your husband. I ALWAYS enjoy and rejoice for words spoken about our husbands.

Neat. A good man indeed.

Have a blessed week and see you again next Thursday, Hugs, Lynn