Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Wednesday’s Coupon of Wisdom – C.O.W.


This is just something very simple that I’ve been thinking about lately:


When you pray for something… don’t just sit back and wait.  SEEK IT!  For example, if you are praying for better eating habits… don’t buy junk.  If you are praying for a better marriage… work on it!    Don’t just say it.  Do it!

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Jemit said...

Well said. So often we 'mention' or even beg God to/for something and then sit back and wait. Though Moses told the Israelites 'stand back and see what God will do'..they didn't have to raise a finger, but they DID have to move when the Spirit moved and opened the way. Things just don't 'happen'. Pray without ceasing, but work toward the goal with God's blessing behind you.