Sunday, July 18, 2010

Selfless Sunday

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I don’t feel like I did much in this area this week… I went into work on my day off to get some signatures.  I did some extra farm chores.  I’m trying to teach my friend’s horse to be good about getting sprayed with the hose before she gets back from vacation.  (it’s a work in progress)  I made coffee for my hubby this morning and lunch for him before he left for work.  I did lots of housework this weekend, which is not only beneficial for me, but for my hubby as well.  I made sure all of HIS clothes were first to be washed.  I broke down and put the air conditioner in the master bedroom because I want my hubby to have a comfortable place to lay his head… in a bed where his feet aren’t dangling off the end.  I wrote a heartfelt note to a kindred friend who is enduring a rough time.  And I agreed to do some more house-sitting in the weeks to come.  All in all… I guess I’ve done a few selfless things, but these are all the kind of things that just come naturally.  I need to do something a little more out of my comfort zone… Hmmm… maybe I’ll have something better next week?

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