Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursdays Thankful Heart

Thursdays Thankfulness

In keeping with my theme of recording daily items of thankfulness in general and about my Handy Hubby.  Unfortunately my list was short this week because I haven’t been home and I keep the list on the desktop of my home computer.  Here are some things I’ve recently recorded:

General Thankfulness

  • Productive day at work
  • Clean clothes and the smell of bleach
  • Refreshing Wild Sweet Orange tea
  • The sight of our sweet kitty curled up on a pillow, her loud purr, and her sweet lovins
  • Chores done by a kindred friend before I even arrive to do them
  • Clean dishes
  • Mechanical advice from my brother
  • Daisies I picked for myself & Freshly weeded flower garden
  • Beds neatly made

About my Husband

  • He found a GREAT deal on mulch and made the yard look so great!
  • He said it wasn’t my fault.
  • He called to talk.  I love when he shares what’s on his mind.
  • His warm body cradled me all night long.

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