Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday’s Thankful Heart

Thursdays Thankfulness

Here are some snippets of my Daily Thankfulness Journal:

General Thankfulness

  • Cool morning breeze
  • The sound of the pouring rain
  • Sweet tasting ham steak
  • Good health
  • Date Night
  • Sleeping next to my Sweetie
  • Found a simple recipe for a deodorizer that works
  • Quiet moments alone
  • Dishes DONE!
  • Teamwork at work
  • Phone call from a friend
  • A/C in my car!!!
  • Sweet cuddly kitties
  • Falling asleep in my Sweeties arms
  • Taste of fresh super-cold milk
  • Family time with the Hubby
  • Coffee and Bible Study with my Lady friends
  • Laughing with friends
  • Quiet ride in the car with sweet reflections
  • Squeaky clean shiny truck

About My Husband

  • He asked to go on a date
  • He helped me get caught up on dish washing
  • He did NOT scold me for giving the cats a few tastes of ham during dinner (they love ham)
  • He fixed the A/C in my car (or found the solution)
  • He went horseback riding with me and said it wasn’t long enough
  • He thanked me for making him coffee
  • He left for an overnight trip and said he wishes I could go along
  • He found my Daily Thankfulness Journal and asked if he could read it.  :)

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Jemit said...

I think I may try this too.. do you have others link like the photo friday groups.. or do you just blog solo?