Monday, August 16, 2010

Blessings Monday

My bosses wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She’s in her early 40’s.  They have 4 lovely children.  She is heart-broken, afraid, angry, sad, frustrated, the works.  It’s a very sad thing.  She will have surgery with hopes of survival, but they still don’t know the extent of the cancer yet.  She has had some other symptoms that could point to a rather bleak future.  My heart aches for this family and the trials they will face in the days to come.  It’s situations like these that remind us to count our blessings every day. 


I’m grateful for the blessing of health and happiness.  God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, whom I adore.  I’m counting my blessings in abundance right now. 


Prayers for this family are appreciated. 



Count Your Blessings Monday is hosted by Marcy over at Down On The Farm.

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