Saturday, October 16, 2010

Before I Forget

This past week Keith’s Mom and Step-dad Jim were here to visit.  For the few weeks prior, we worked HARD to restore the functionality of our upstairs bathroom.  Well… KEITH worked HARD and I followed his lead.  We are still getting used to the added option.  During the visit we went to a Fall-fest in Zelienople, which was lovely.  I realize that I had never been to such a thing before.  Odd isn’t it?  Keith took them to Pittsburgh while I worked another day.  They took us out for a nice dinner at TGI Fridays so I didn’t have to cook, YAY!  Mom and I shopped together.  She bought us some cool stuff for our hiking-hobby for Christmas.  We visited the stable to pet the ponies.  We visited my folks for a lovely spaghetti dinner.   It was a grand visit.  I’m so grateful to have this time with them.  Our visits are always WAY too short and WAY too infrequent!


On Thursday I was afforded the opportunity to hit the trails at Moraine with my precious pony.  I’m sorry to have not taken any photos on this jaunt.  The season at its peak is so lovely and what better way to enjoy it than to share with a friend on horseback!  This too was TOO short as we only had a couple hours after work to squeeze it in.  The last half hour was dark in the woods and we rode out via moonlight.  A little creepy, yes, but very cool just the same.  I’m very proud of my Penny.  She turned over a new leaf this year.  I think since I’ve put many more miles on her that she’s really settled a good bit.  Maybe she’s more fit and able to keep up better?  Maybe its simply maturity?  Any way you see it… I just love her!  She’s sassy and chubby and just bursting with personality.  I’m so thankful to have her!

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