Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Memories No Longer In Motion…


October 26th is my Gram-ditties birthday.  She would have been 96 years old this year, but she passed away several years ago.  I wonder if anyone will remember my birthday as fondly as I remember hers?  She is the single-most influential person of my lifetime.  She spent more time with me than any other adult.  Everything she did was looking out for my best interest.  She was an example-setter.  She spoke the truth of scripture and lived humbly.  God was first and family was extremely precious to her.  She walked me through disappointments and danced with me through joys.  She was such a precious gem and I miss her so very much.  I hope that in my lifetime I can exhibit but a glimmer of her reflection.   Fortunate for her, she’s tending the gardens of Heaven now and enjoying the constant and glorious presence of Christ!  Awesome!  Some people bid their lost loved ones Rest In Peace… I say LIVE the Peace Grammy!  Live it up!    

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Wendy said...

Live it up...I love it! I miss her too, and am glad that I have the peace of knowing that we will see each other again...that is what makes me smile:-)