Saturday, September 03, 2011

Friday Adventures 09-02-11

It started at Pymatuning State Park.  We dropped a travel bug in honor of our anniversary attached to a giant diamond ring.  We also picked up the geocoin that we earned on the AGT-Crawford County. 



Then we motored off to Clarion.  There was some monkey business as you see here.  Keith makes like a monkey and climbs all over the big rocks.  This is my favorite picture… I didn’t mean to step on him.  I just wanted to get a good picture of his efforts.  Too funny!


And he climbed the fire tower.  Now, I climbed the one in Gettysburg and didn’t think anything of it.  I may have been convinced to climb this one had I not fell down the stairs at home bruising my butt and pulling something in my leg.  I was (conveniently) convinced that I could not climb that many steps up and down.  I sent Keith up and kept yelling “Stop! Look out!” (so I could take a picture.)  He was NOT impressed.  He thought he needed to stop and look out because something was wrong.  Tee Hee. 



More rock climbing.  Looking for signs of the Seneca Indians that once inhabited these parts. 



What an AWESOME view at Seneca Point overlooking the Clarion river. 



And of course, a stop at Helen Furnace.  It’s really cool inside and SO BIG!!!


We finished half of the required geocaches on the Allegheny Geo Trail – Clarion.  We’ll have to return another time to finish it and get our prize. 


The more I hike the greater appreciation I have for the outdoors. 

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