Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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How I Met My Hubby - Part III

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So as it goes, we were up bright and early that Saturday morning. K was prepping his Army-duds for the wedding. His cousin was getting married and K was in the wedding! No tux, just Army-official-dress. I had a half of a cheese sandwich for breakfast. Take note - that comes up later. (pun intended) After breakfast I decided that I didn't feel well. I had HORRIBLE back pain. I went and rested a while. Called my insurance company and told them I was not near home, could not see my PCP, and would be going to the local Emergency Room. YES - it was that bad!

DISCLAIMER... those with weak stomachs... SKIP THIS SECTION!!!! K took me to the emergency room at St. Lukes. I was less than impressed with the registration clerk. I told her I thought I had kidney problems and she went on and on about how her daughter had a kidney infection last week and yadda yadda yadda. Seriously, I was in so much dyer pain that I didn't actually hear much of what she was saying. She was asking questions and I was relying on K to answer most of them. Did I tell you yet that I was in P-A-I-N? BAD!!!! A couple times I asked how long it would be. Wait wait wait. Typical ER. I could not get comfortable, not sitting, not standing, not laying on the floor. I went to the rest room and vomited. They gave me a little dish and made me wait some more! Oh good gracious!!! I was SO SICK!!! What seemed like hours later they took me to a room. The docs figured I had a kidney stone. I vomited some more. I think the cheese sandwich came back up in a lump. TOTALLY GROSS!!!! They stuck me with needles, ordered an x-ray, and gave me some pain meds. Meanwhile, times a tickin... He needs to get to the wedding already!!! I heard him on the phone with his mom "I can't just leave her here!" When he came back to the room I told him that he should go. I would be fine and he could pick me up later. Reluctantly he kissed me! On the lips!!! Yes, he kissed me right after I vomited some disgusting cheese lump! ACK!!!! That's when I decided he was worth hanging on to.

Hours later the doctors released me with pain meds and instruction. K's dad came for me and took me to the pharmacy to get my prescription. I changed into my dress clothes and he took me to the wedding reception. I knew absolutely nobody. Now remember... K's dating history was that of many cancelled dates. When K had told his family what happened they figured it was just a story to cover up the most recent cancelled date. When I found him in the reception hall he was elated and hugged me. He introduced me to his family and his sister proclaimed "Your for real! And she's pretty too!" HA!!! We had a grand evening of dancing!

Throughout the days that I was visiting, we saw some local sites. He took me to the city, which was well out of my element. We walked along the banks of the river on the Serpentine Wall. There he stopped me, brushed my hair away from my face, looked me in the eye, and told me I was beautiful. Then he kissed me. That was a serene moment.

One day after lunch he asked if I wanted to go to Eden Park. Now I thought he was asking if I wanted to go to Eat n' Park, which is a restaurant in Western PA. I couldn't figure out why he wanted to go there right after lunch, but none-the-less I agreed. When I saw the road sign pointing towards Eden Park I said "Ohhhhhhh...." and proceeded to explain what I had thought. We both had a good laugh. We spent hours walking through the park. It was lovely.

The end of my trip grew near and we said our goodbyes. And that's the last that I saw my soldier-boy for about a month. The trip home was horrendous at best. There was a massive flood in the Columbus area and after sitting in traffic for THREE hours I was forced to re-route. Motels were completely booked. I had no choice but to get out my map and pick my way through an alternative route. Every few miles I would be stopped by police or firemen telling me that I had to turn around or head further north. Somehow I found my way home by way of Steubenville, OH. I arrived safe and sound NINE hours later. This was supposed to be a 5 hour trip! Ugh.

Tune in next week to hear about our next encounter.


Scribbit said...

I always enjoy hearing how people met--a great topic for conversation!

Irritable Mother said...

He kissed you after you brought the cheese sandwich back up? Yea, that is a clear indication of a "Keeper"!!!
This was a fun journey to travel with you. I don't think I would have done as well in "real time" as I am not a fan of long car rides. LOL
Thanks for sharing. *grin*