Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

This is not my original idea. I gleaned several similar ideas from various bloggers over the past few months... but this is what WORKS FOR ME!

I buy ground beef when it is on sale. I put it into a large pan and brown it. Then I freeze it either in reusable containers OR in ziploc bags flattened out so they fit nicely in the freezer. (about a pound per container) I do not season the meat, just brown it. This shaves a ton of time on my meal preparation during the week. In a moments notice I have meat ready for meat-sauce, or lasagna, or tacos, or whatever. Just defrost, season, and there you have it.
I do the same with ground sausage when it is on sale. Then I have it ready for breakfast casseroles or frittatas anytime!

I do the same with bacon. I cook a couple pounds at a time. Then divide it and freeze it. Defrost takes but a moment and its ready for breakfast on the go, to sprinkle on salad, or just for a snack.

Have a handy tip to share? Meet us over at Rocks In My Dryer. She's running a "Greatest Hits" version this week; however I'm only a couple weeks into it... so I don't have a "greates" idea just yet.


Chandra said...

I have heard of this before and love the idea. How do you know how much is a pound when it is cooked? (Before you ask- yes I'm blond! Ha!) That is really the only thing that has kept me from trying that before. I'm too afraid to just estimate. Do you do something to weigh your bags before you freeze them?

Mom2fur said...

I do this, too! It sure does make things easier when you already have your meat browned.
If you buy a lot of it, you can brown it in the oven (350 degrees) in a big 'lasagna' pan. Just keep breaking it up and stirring it with a wooden spoon. How long it takes depends on how much you have, but you know what 'browned' looks like, LOL!
I never did think about cooking and freezing bacon, though. Gotta try that!

Jthemilker said...

Actually, I buy it in 3# packs and then just divide it as evenly as I can. I definitely don't weigh it or measure it... most recipes can give or take anyway.

Linds said...

I do this too! Isn't it fabulous!


Kate said...

I do this too and I love it! I've never tried it with bacon though, that's a good idea. (And a great way to keep from eating too much bacon...because if I don't eat it ALL right now, it will go bad, right?)